Mad as hell but not sure how not to take it anymore short of finding an isolated island and creating a self-sustaining commune of all the cool people I know. I’m a Liberal democrat but really a socialist. While believing in a higher power of some sort, it’s not a god affiliated with any religion. Religion DOES appear to act as a (highly effective) opiate, and coupled with the religion of capitalism/consumerism it is currently unstoppable.

Artist, educator, builder of programs that help children living in poverty. 10+ years married to the best woman ever, caretaker of three crazy mutts and one normal cat. I’m white, grew up working class and rose to the middle, mostly through luck. I want the “american dream” to actually work, for everybody, but reject the myth that anyone ever rises on their own. I make a lot of mistakes but work hard to own up to/correct them. I talk and think too much.


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