You’d Better Not Pout


ImageHead on over to the fancy website, and you’ll learn the TRUTH about how Christmas is being KILLED by POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. Yes, as we’ve discussed before, that most American (i.e. christian, white…in other words, real american) of holidays (wait don’t cheapen it by calling it a holiday) is under SEIGE.

Oh man I hate the term political correctness, and the fact that it’s become this ubiquitous catch-all term for anything related to acceptance, diversity, or,–another word I dislike–“tolerance.”

To state the obvious: not wanting public institutions to endorse one religion’s holyday over all others is not PC, it’s not “war” it is simply a) abiding by the establishment clause of the 1st Amendment, and b) respecting and being sensitive to the diversity of people and beliefs in our pluralistic nation.

Conservatives seem to long for the good ol’ days when Christmas was promoted everywhere, when minority religions were totally marginalized, and most importantly, when everyone not white, christian, male, and rich knew their place and shut up about it.

I suppose I could give some props for not trying to hide this fearful and regressive motivation. They write that this “war” isn’t really an assault on religion, but on the very heart of true American culture! Here’s a key passage:

Nowadays, the attempt to stamp out “Christmas” in the public sphere and replace it with generic “holidays” is a slap in the face to the majority of Americans. If one of their most cherished holidays is removed from “their” culture, then where can they go to be at home? The answer, of course, is nowhere.

Americans have a right to the American holiday of Christmas. It is part of who we are… even though some of us are not Christian. It’s time for us to stand up and reclaim it from the small majority who are trying to take it away from us!

I love the shift from ‘they’ to ‘we,’ in two successive paragraphs. Those poor white Christians are being shut out from the America “they/we” own, gob nabbit!

Where can “they/we” go to be at home? How about home.


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