Better Betties (not Friedan)


More evidence of how dead the revolutionary movement of FEMINISM is. Killed by media backlash, by brilliant/sick marketing of toys, fashion, cosmetics, values; killed by women who got tired of fighting, and younger women benefitting from those fights without knowing the origin or cost of their expanded opportunities. Not caring to know because they’re taught it’s enough.

And yet conservative media likes to keep its twisted idea of feminism in the news, telling all to believe there’s some active man-hating cabal out there controlling women to the detriment of men in power (if only!).

On Fox news recently, Dana Perino warned that women should “make better decisions” to avoid being beaten or killed by their abusers. And later, Suzanne Venker at Fox warns us all that men are retreating from marriage because “men say women are no longer women.” She suggests we all get in touch with our feminine side to remedy this matter post-haste. Otherwise who knows, women might bypass marriage to unstable men in favor of self-sufficient (safe!) alternatives and that can’t be allowed!?!

Venker: “You begin by accepting that men and women are different. Equal, but different. This means you’ll have to reject feminist dogma since feminism has taught you that equality means sameness.”

Nothing like a good straw(woman) to advance an empty argument. Those old lies about what equality means, what feminists want, how men/marriage/women/children/our entire civilization are being DESTROYED by the outrageous pursuit of gender equality…why haven’t we (feminists, progressives, smart people) done a better job of countering the falsehoods and continually promoting our values through this fog of war?

Ah geez, it’s way more fun to shop for clothes, makeup, shoes, boobs, that turn me into the fuckable object everyone wants me to be. Back off you old dyke.




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